A two-hour exclusive interview with a Marketing CEO on Marketing and Tele-marketing scam and tricks what will shock you!

A few days ago I was sitting in one of the outside coffee shops drinking my favorite beverage from Starbucks. The sun was glistening in the sky, and as I gazed above at the silly blue sky it gave my brain the ability to have a perfect brain wave!

Some of my best marketing ideas, inspiration, marketing concepts and theories comes out of my stream of thoughts whilst Im alone – just me and my Starbucks . I think its all that caffeine acting as a stimulant to my brains thought production.

Ok lets cut the Starbucks part now, I need to give myself some of the credit for my excellent brainwaves. After all Im writing about Marketing, to be precise Marketing and Tele-marketing tricks and scams. It not the easiest subject in the world to write up about.

As I was sat down savoring the flavor of my precious coffee, my train of thought led me into my own world, and the surroundings seemed to fade into the distance. Buried deep into thought, and hatching those perfect ideas on new methods of marketing. My mind wandered in the field of my own universe quietly between stars 26 of them and Iweb 9 and 10 -dont worry if doesnt make sense to you now, it will later on.

marketing ideasSomething, managed to shake me out of my train of thought, suddenly I realized Im over hearing (unintentionally) of course. Two guy sitting at a nearby table they stayed there until around 10 oclock.

The subject matter that they were deep into discussion about was marketing! Yes my love of marketing. Upon hearing their discussion about the subject, which by the way is a magic word in my world.

This very discussion transferred me out of my private universe on hyper speed. As I landed back in earth the above mentioned two gentlemen were having a conversation about Marketing and Tele-Marketing scam and tricks and the methods of marketing that they use at his marketing firm. They were deep into conversation about the marketing methods that they perform at the company.

I really am not the interfering type; in fact I could quite easily walk past a woman with tight mini skirt in the street without even looking. However on this occasion my antennas pointed at them and I couldnt focus on anything other than their topic of conversation. For the next ten minutes I sat there, channeling into their conversation.

I was thinking and said to myself what a shame Im not sitting at their table involved in the conversation. I love marketing stories and especially if theyre juicy. If the subject of conversation is focused towards Marketing and Tele-marketing scams and tricks, then Im in my element.

As I was fiddling around with my thought about this, the two gentlemen stood up and started to walk away. Then my sixth sense told me Get up and talk to them! This is exactly what I did. I walked over and introduced myself, explaining who I am and why I approached them. Fortunately in a few minutes time I was able to convince one of the gentlemen to talk to me about their conversation.

For now I am keeping it a secret, maybe I will tell you later if I find a high level of interest in the matter. As I found out, John (I will just call him John to protect his identity) is the CEO of a Large Telemarketing firm.

As I mentioned earlier I was able to convince him to talk to me, he agreed and we sat down in a more private and scheduled place. Since I always have a small digital recorder with me, it was much easier then writing and a perfect scenario to have a conversation.

In my articles divided to different parts, I will reveal to you my nearly 2 hours of conversation with an insider in the Marketing and Telemarketing industry as a CEO he revealed some extremely juicy Marketing and Telemarketing scams and tricks.

I ask John the first questions.

Q: What are the new and upcoming Marketing and Tele-Marketing scams, tricks and techniques that are used to deceive people today?

John: Well, said John and took a big breath in Tele Marketing -you know there is a do not call list as he interrupted him self- and by many people having an automated telephone answering system. For example what Cable companies offers to their customers- the system filters telemarketing calls from 800 numbers and the answering system inform the client with a voice and then depending on the system we are calling from- you can hear a beepbeep sound then the calls goes away.

Well our new Telemarketing scam invention is, and we had to be inventive we actually hire a voice double and we record everything exactly as the system would do to handle the marketing call.

We record our own do not call system screening, which is an exact duplicate of the real thing. People would never able to tell the difference. It sounds just like the real thing except we make the end section. You know when the hang-up disconnect beepbeep sounds , however we make it very long.

I mean really long, its actually really annoying so its just beep. beep. Beepbeep loud, until they finally had it and pick up the phone to hang up to stop the sound. BINGO! As soon as they do that the computer registers a number. Then as you know weve got the matching address to the number.

Q: So John, let me be clear with this, people at home pick up the phone to hang up to stop the annoying beep, Beep sound -thinking they are hanging up and stopping the call -which did not come through- by doing so, actually theyre handing over their phone number and address to the Telemarketing Company.

John: Thats exactly what Im saying.

Q: Wow thats heavy, as my 4 year old daughter would say. That is a hell of a marketing scam, but you must admit its pretty inventive, never the less, a darn big telemarketing scam.

Keep tuned to my next part of my insider marketing and telemarketing scams and tricks story revealed by a Marketing CEO. Tune in for part 2 to read more insider interviews what will shock you!!