The lack of affordable luxury in Spain, part of thanks for using new assets because of more supply. It’s a buyer’s market right now, and people are returning to Spain slowly as faith comes back to your research, and Spanish property is still a good investment.

But first, the old purity – the place. Do this right, and you’re a good start. Mark Stucklin, head of Spanish Property. In this strategy market it is clear: Focus on strong, positive, and look at a good deal in the area.

It has renowned beach areas or investment capabilities, such as Balearics, Costas, Marbella or Valencia. There are many continental areas that also offer good value for money, although you may need to look hard somewhere that has good service. Things like Barcelona and Madrid will be popular, but the property becomes more expensive and only attracts to the market niche.

The best I saw in a new home, already planned. Oftentimes, builders should sell them to pay the banks, so they are ready to get 40 percent less than the required price.


Most of Long term villa rentals Marbella, located close to the University of Lorca in Murcia, will be completed in early 2009. Two bedroom apartments are ideal for students and have a reliable tax for three years.Price does not come, so there is no profit – as well as the possibility of being a developer can be bankruptcy at the same time, leaving them with semi-finishing assets and legally heading trying to recover your money. In the current weather.

Obviously, there are enough market contracts; if you are dealing with services and research, and seek good legal advice, Spanish real estate can still be a great investment ….